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soft skills

9 soft skills that are needed in any profession

What are soft skills? Soft skills are non-specialized skills that do not relate to one specific profession and are...

Professional skills

What Professional skills will be in demand in the future

Professional skills of the future: We wrote an article for those who still cannot decide who he will become...

Frontend vs Backend

What to choose – Frontend vs Backend in 2021

Frontend vs Backend in 2021: Getworkz experts use clear examples to explain what front-end and back-end development is and...

get through an interview

21 tricks that will help you get through an interview

How to get through an interview? Recruiters are also human and subject to psychological influences. We will not teach...

How taxis became the main city transport

How taxis became the main city transport

Taxi is a business that has been able to reinvent itself . Not so long ago, most people in Russia called for...

7 programming languages ​​you should know in 2020

7 Best Programming Languages ​​you Should Learn In 2020

What language to learn to become a sought-after developer? Catch the TOP 7 programming languages ​​you need in 2020. We...