Mistakes made by business:

10 Alarming mistakes made by business owners at the hands of recruiters

Once having seen the description of the vacancy of my dreams, for the first time in many years I decided to update my resume and write a cover letter recognizing in a sudden outbreak of a feeling of true professional love. But! While I was gaining courage and words, the vacancy was transferred to the archive. It turned out not to be more difficult to send the feelings there, but generally impossible because somewhere there was a lonely work that I dreamed about for several years. “We cannot live without each other” was the beginning of a great adventure, a prayer for comfort and an explanation for the family and sympathizers.

This story is not at all for the glum or demonstration of vices such as the “Kunstkamera”, to scare or piss off representatives of a large Voronezh business. This is a sincere belief in the common sense of big money and the availability of resources to stop inflating a soap bubble of our own importance and to take and make our reputation attractive not only to the external consumer but also to the internal one.

Five enterprises of the city of Voronezh got to my networks, which you can safely award the title of “Famous Brand”, all of them were representatives of different industries born in the native Voronezh land, namely:

  • About furniture.
  • About pharmacies.
  • About plumbing.
  • About food.
  • About everything in the world with the prefix “the most”, that is, “the highest”, “the largest”, “the most multi-brand”, “the very first”.

It all started with market research. And here, oddly enough, no complicated paths were sought, heroism was left until the first goodbye, and a worksite was chosen as the source of reliable information. And here is the first discovery – you, your dear employer, have an interest in the concept or development of corporate culture, but there are few tools to achieve satisfaction or the technique suffers. Not office.

Mistakes made by business: “I blinded him from what was”

A vacancy consists of a title, requirements for a candidate, a description of duties and working conditions. To guarantee the flow of unnecessary people, it is better to make mistakes on all counts. You can raise doubts in the title.

A detailed, detailed and thorough study of suitable vacancies revealed that the business owner cannot determine the role and significance of corporate rules and principles. And therefore, the position of this specialist in the hierarchy of the company ranges from the director of corporate culture to the specialist in internal communications, even if there is no department, direction, group, department on this topic. That is, a person is needed in the position of a severed button, an obsolete implant, an expired medicine.

Error 1. Search for a separate linear artist

Without a defined front of work, well-established business processes, a team of like-minded people or subordinates on parole from other duties, the work of an ordinary employee is meaningless!

If a newcomer in the status of “director” is still capable of acting and feats, then a newcomer with uncertain functionality and neutered powers will turn into a eunuch of the personnel serving in a couple of months, performing a solo for the birthday party to the loud applause of his colleagues. And the business owner will be sure that “no one is capable of anything, and such a fuck is fucking,” discrediting any efforts in the future for the whole team.

Mistake 2. Experience in a similar position 1-3 years

Excuse me, dear owners and chief directors, do you read the description of positions before publication? Do you instruct your recruiters to monitor the market before opening their arms? I’m sure not.

There are no specialists in the field of building a corporate culture on the regional market with work experience, unless, of course, the concept of corporate culture includes something more than annual fees for team building and celebrating a company’s birthday. And if you need a specialist in inventing joint matinees and quests, just call “mass-entertainer” or “art production director”, or “office host”. And then, of course, the experience will be in the subject.

Mistake 3. A woman with burning eyes up to 30 years …

As well as managerial potential, a license to extinguish fires, horse trapping and a lifelong subscription to training on personal and social growth.

I have nothing against women in this position, especially since “creating a masterpiece from nothing” is precisely on the female part, but age … Dear, tell me, did you have to read anything from age psychology? Do you know at what age what kind of activity is maximally shown, and in which is it more correct to talk about participation, and not about the result?

Yes, of course, because of the fear of being suspected by the labor inspectorate of discrimination, no one has long indicated the desired age of the candidate, but according to the requirements, you can always guess if the forty-year-old has a chance.

The list of tasks from creating a corporate newspaper to creating a personnel reserve for one under-director does not make his “mission impossible”, but allows him to do nothing at all or well! Or raises doubts about the adequacy of the leadership …

“I recognize a sweetheart by gait”

Of course, I want a competent, experienced, capable employee to come, who is most likely already working, but an offer from such a great employer forces me to pack my suitcase and workbook on a big trip for victory. What is not a confirmation of the awesomeness of the employer? That is why it is necessary to make the candidate wait in the waiting room at the height of the working day. And the longer the waiting time, the more obvious what you have to face in the corporate environment. And let me remind you that the behavior of workers is a reflection of all managerial schools.

What can discourage a job seeker who has a choice:

  • Failure to comply with the time limits of the beginning and duration of the meeting.
  • Filling in internal forms repeating resume information.
  • Answers to psychological tests and situational tasks.
  • Lack of wardrobe, toilet, cooler, air conditioning.
  • The presence of a line of applicants, and especially if by suit (clothing, age, manner of behavior) they completely do not combine with each other.
  • Perplexity and uncertainty as a result of the meeting.

Error 4. Came, then got

Recruiter – the profession is not about quantity, but about accuracy. Those who come must leave with even greater desire to work here. Even if they choose not him. Do you know why? Because the sale took place. Or a brand that causes desire, or a brand in which “thank God they didn’t get involved.” What brand do your employees sell?

Mistake 5. Parking only for “real customers” and “restaurant guests”

Of the five interviews of five star companies, only one had their own parking, most likely simply because there was a lot of land. Arriving at the office of another company, without exaggeration, I fell ankle-deep into liquid mud, consisting of cigarette butts, plastic cups and food packaging of the same brand …

Dear Directors, are you serious? You do not need a director for corporate culture, you need Subotnick once a month for a whole year! Although this may become a functional … But for now it looks like Mowgli, who needs to be taught to wipe … oh, they hire a tutor with three foreign languages ​​and a grand Prix in ballroom dancing.

“Just two loneliness met”

Dear directors, who are not able to do this job well, that is, themselves, make the recruiter understand this question at least a little, in order to at least know what to ask the candidate about and to understand in advance whether he was passing by the topic. Of course, you know that an interview is a conversation conducted according to a certain scenario, a guide. Let them introduce you to him, well, please …

Mistake 6. Interviews by the seller, regional development manager, and business coach are the same.

Yes, of course, your selection specialists should understand the question of why the candidate is going to change his job, what is his loyalty, stress tolerance and motivation for. Believe me, in five meetings no one came close to understanding these questions, although they asked the same questions! But those who conducted the interview didn’t have the goal of choosing the right person, because they didn’t answer themselves, but who needed … But they suggested at the first interview to tell us where to start the construction of “corporate culture, here at our enterprise.” Are you seriously?! Okay…

– Well, then tell me how you would describe the current situation?

“Well, they are leaving us because salaries are low …”

– And what are the numbers according to monitoring data?

– … Well, almost the same …

– Tell me, what is the average age of employees in a company?

– …

– And the ratio of men and women? And the accepted form of appeal to “you” or “you”? Why do they want to work here? Why are they leaving? And where to? And how do you adapt, learn, say goodbye? .. And is smoking encouraged?

– Yes, enough to ask, what will you do?

Honey, are you now offering me a “pen to sell” to demonstrate your skills, or show a focus? So I can! But you won’t like it. Because my “tricks” will “saw through” your professional confidence and put you in a stupid position.

Mistake 7. A loyal recruiter will always choose a worthy candidate

Dear owners and large directors, do you know that there is such a thing as jealousy? And not only about love. Maybe you yourself will remember when you chose not the “best”, but the “safe” performer. Of course, this is very human. So your recruitment managers are not without clear reactions. And if a lady is in crisis because of her age, her husband’s infidelity, the child’s transitional age, her friend’s success, the new Lena’s car from another department, she’ll never choose the beautiful Olechka in an expensive dress and gleam in her eyes, which “was impatient to change one job for another “. By the way, about the dress.

Mistake 8. Where do your recruiters come to work?

I’m not talking about appearance, but about corporate culture! In any bank, everything is strict, but it is clear – a white top, a dark bottom, business style. In the grocery chain store – any clothes and a vest from the draft and a badge on top. And in the office? This is about the atmosphere, communication style, development strategy and goals! And the way your first date manager is dressed is definitely a message. Go look at yours now. Does it fit the purpose?

At five meetings, I saw bad and good figures, clean and dirty heads, removable and street shoes, bare and decorated faces, but … I didn’t remember a single face, I wouldn’t recognize these people in 5 minutes in the elevator and they all had one thing in common – lack of buzz from yourself, activity, process. The principle of “dump” is very clearly manifested in appearance.

Error 9. Size does not matter

Tell an engineer and a student of erotic courses about this. The result will be different. If your selection manager is 25 years old, and you desperately need a ROP of about 40, how to solve this problem effectively?

Ask your recruiter, check it for understanding. And at the same time myself, to be prepared for the little things and details that make up the corporate culture and brand commitment.

“We will not forget our calling”

How to make candidates talk a lot and aggressively about their visit to you, say, a month? This is not a question at all. Just hammer. You should not even care about those people whom you called, invited, talked, asked. “The Moor has done his work; the Moor may leave.” You have no time, you are busy looking for new blood and advertising what a terrific employer you are. And let the whole world wait.

Five times they promised me as a candidate to report any result. And five times the employer overtook Alzheimer’s. Lord owners, promises are being made on your behalf and are not fulfilled. And it becomes part of your brand … Sorry.

Error 10. Promise

Dear directors, do you know how Indians describe the behavior of Russians in one word? “Later”. Great, right? This is more accurate and ironic than maybe. A brand that promises, but does not do, is weak, meaning “frail”. Do you like managing a frail brand? Honestly, straightforwardly, I am interested, and not rhetorically asking.

What conclusions can be drawn?

  • Decide that the author is a fool.
  • Ask the recruiter if there was a candidate with that name.
  • Offended.
  • Cross out the task of finding a director for corporate culture and increase the advertising budget.
  • Then decide.