in-demand skills in 2020

15 in-demand skills in 2021 according to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has compiled a list of the most in-demand skills in 2020. The research was carried out using a huge database of 660+ million specialists and 20+ million jobs. Recently, we talked in another article about the skills that everyone needs to learn in 2020, we also recommend reading it.


Soft skills in demand in 2020

The role of “soft” skills is only growing from year to year, and the vast majority of employers confirm that soft skills are just as important as professional skills. 

The most popular soft skills in 2020 are

1. Creativity

It’s not about coming up with twenty interesting topics for articles and drawing skills. More precisely, not only about this. Creativity is the ability to think outside the box, look for unusual ways to solve problems, the ability to abstract from the classical rules. Such a skill is absolutely necessary for any profession and it can be developed by anyone if you try.

2. Ability to persuade

This skill is especially useful for those who communicate with clients at work, but not only them. Persuasion skills help you to defend your point of view, achieve goals, defend your own interests and carry like-minded people along with you. Plus, persuasion comes in handy when discussing a promotion with your boss 🙂

3. Collaboration skills

One in the field is not a warrior, even if he is a super professional. Large projects can only be created in a team, which means that you need to be able to negotiate and find an approach to each person.

4. Flexibility

The only thing that is invariable is changes 🙂 The market is constantly changing, technologies become obsolete and new ones come to replace them – you need to be able to live with it and adapt. If you learn to adapt to different conditions and not stress every change, you will greatly help your career.

5. Emotional intelligence

The ability to evaluate, correctly interpret, and react to people’s emotions is emotional intelligence. It is indispensable in any teamwork, where emotions often go off the scale. Each person has an individual range of moods – it is important to understand and feel this.

Hard skills in-demand in 2020

The vast majority of the most popular skills among employers are technology and data-related. We recommend that you think about this the next time you choose which online course to take. In the meantime, we present the top 10 hard skills in 2020:

1. Blockchain

Suddenly, blockchain topped the list for the first time this year. The demand among employers is associated with a relatively small number of specialists in this area. If you are just choosing which area to develop in, think about blockchain – little competition and great demand.

2. Cloud computing

Many companies today are created and run in the cloud. And they need the talent to help manage the technical architecture, design, and implementation of cloud systems.

3. Analytical thinking

Data and analytics are a 100% trend in recent years. Companies need specialists who can analyze existing data sets, draw conclusions and direct the company in the right direction based on information. Building a career in analytics, you can definitely talk about being in demand.

4. Artificial intelligence

AI allows computers to “learn” to perform tasks that humans cannot by processing large amounts of data. And for those specialists who know how to work with AI, artificial intelligence gives them the opportunity to be at the top of their careers. If you want to explore these artificially intelligent wilds on your own, you can start with free online courses.

5. UX design

Every year the interest of consumers decreases and it is UX that guards the interests of business. UX designers create user-friendly and customer-centric systems that help retain user attention and loyalty. A very useful skill!

6. Business Intelligence

For the first time in many years, this skill hit the top 10 in-demand skills. Business intelligence is becoming increasingly important today as the ability to strengthen the data-driven business. Business orientation is one of the main trends of 2020.

7. Affiliate Marketing

In another way, it is also called affiliate marketing. Advertising and marketing are one of the fastest-changing areas in which new tools are regularly introduced. Nowadays, traditional advertising has been replaced by affiliate marketing with affiliate posts in social networks and special projects on websites.

8. Sales skills

It’s hard to imagine a company that doesn’t need sales managers at all. This skill is at the top because you always need specialists who can competently conduct a sale, work with objections, and communicate with people of different temperaments. All of these skills can be learned independently if desired.

9. Scientific computing

This skill is related to data science and software architecture. Companies need professionals who can develop machine learning models and analyze large data sets using Python, MATLAB, and more.

10. Video creation

They did not expect? By the way, according to Cisco estimates, in 2022, the video will account for 82% of the world’s Internet traffic, and video is also the key to Gen Z. This means that specialists who create video content will definitely be in demand in the coming years.