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5 habits of a bad HR: From Personal Experience

5 habits of a bad HR: I was recently hinted that my productivity is poor. And it was great! Those words made me think about what I am doing and how I could do it better.

We all need this. We focus too much on the routine and see no obstacles to excellence.

I began to notice habits that greatly hinder productivity. By understanding myself, I learned to figure out the negative habits of employees that did not allow them to reach their potential.

Bad habits holding back HR’s potential: 5 habits of a bad HR

Thinking about the habits that allow you to reach heights in the field of personnel management, I decided to go from the opposite and identified the habits that negatively affect the effectiveness of representatives of this profession.

1. You write letters to people (or, even worse, SMS messages) before you call them or go to them personally

Personnel management is, first of all, communication and building relationships with others. If you don’t like this, you may want to look for another job.

2. You have stuck candidates

Typically, “stuck” means that you don’t want to hire a job seeker for a weird or stupid reason (for example, because he graduated from a low-profile college or didn’t shake your hand firmly enough when meeting).

3. You are unhappy with your salary

It seems to you that people in other areas (IT, sales, marketing, etc.) get a lot more, and this drives you crazy. If you want to make money, change your qualification. If money is not your main concern, forget about it.

4. You have a power complex

People with a power complex feel extraordinary satisfaction in being in control of someone’s professional life. “If you put those sandals back on Thursday, I’ll have to file a complaint against you.”

5. You believe that HR is the most important part of your business

But, After all, there is nothing more important than people!   Stop it. Stop taking credit for all the credit, try helping others instead! This is what will make them appreciate you. Use “power” for good, try to make life easier for others.

You want to get better right now, right? Do you really want? That is, are you ready to take the first step towards excellence?

How to get better

In this case, as often as possible:

  • Communicate with colleagues from other departments, take an interest in their current affairs and problems. Even if the problems do not relate to the field of personnel management, you can still solve them – not as an HR, but as an ordinary business partner (for some, it even appears in the title of the position).
  • Talk to them again.
  • And again.

But I don’t know anything about software architecture! And it doesn’t matter. By talking to colleagues in other departments, you will learn how and what they are thinking, find ways to be useful and, more importantly, provide support.

What do you get in the end? You just get better!