adaptation of a new employee

10 simple tips for the adaptation of a new employee

Banal advice that people often forget. It is believed that this is how it always works and a new person will certainly fall into a noble environment for development.

The first basic idea is to be there. It doesn’t matter how cool you are and how much you pay, if you want an employee to pass the probationary period, you must constantly be in touch with him. Chats, personal, conversations, calls, handshakes.

The tips below only supplement and help the basic rule to be implemented, they are universal and from their implementation, it will not become worse for anyone (except for the implementor).

1. The course of a young soldier. Create a list of mini-tasks, quests that a beginner should complete in the first week/month.

2. Mentor. It is good if the mentor himself asks for an assistant or understands the need for new blood. It is important that there is a partnership, not competition. I am writing banal platitudes, right? Well, to someone to repeat, and someone did not know or work without mentors.

3. Application to the phone. Which tells you at what stage you are, what else needs to be studied.

4. An employee’s book, where the values ​​of the company and the team are formed, the reading of which is easy and fun (try too)

5. Writing into history. Make a post on the corporate network, let it be built on Instagram, or add to the general chat of the company.

6. Party department. Where they can introduce a person to his colleagues in an informal setting.

7. Give a new workplace, a new computer, and a phone. It’s just nice to a person that he didn’t borrow someone else’s.

8. List of difficulties that new employees have. Including life hacks. For example, you arrive first – you park in the shade, but it’s already difficult to leave at lunchtime.

9. Prospects for career growth. It is best to do this during the interview, but if they are not there, explain how the salary will grow.