How to understand if your are underpaid or not

Are underpaid or not? Salary is not only the amount regularly transferred by the employer to the employee’s bank card account but also an indicator of success for many. Inconsistency in salary levels with expectations is one of the most common reasons for dismissal. 

Although it is not very customary to talk about the number of earnings in a decent society, the inner feeling that the efforts spent on work should be paid higher does not contribute to labor exploits. So how to understand: does the level of your labor remuneration correspond to the expended efforts or not?

Are underpaid or not?

1. The manager regularly reports on the growth of the company’s profits, but your salary remains the same. The growth of the company’s income can be due to various reasons and does not always depend on the results of employees’ work. But if the growth of the company is stable and does not depend on foreign economic, political, and other factors, but at the same time your salary does not change stably, there is reason to think.

2. Other companies on job sites offer higher wages for similar jobs. If you have a rare specialty or at the moment there is a temporary increase in interest among specialists in your profile, then the proposals of other employers cannot be regarded as a real reflection of the market. 

Moreover, the vacancy texts do not always indicate all the functionality that the future employee will have to perform. It may turn out that there is twice as much work as yours, and the salary is offered only 20% higher. The labor market needs to be monitored constantly and assess how much your services as an employee actually cost for a period of at least a year.

3. The vacancies of your own employer also need to be monitored constantly. It may well be that when looking for a new specialist for a position similar to yours, the income is offered higher. This is not just a reason to think about whether you are paid too little, but already in plain text, you are informed about this and there can be no doubt.

4. In the company, only a cleaning lady receives a salary that is less than yours. Although it is not customary to openly discuss the amount of employees’ income within the company, and in some places, it is even forbidden, employees still know who and how much they pay. 

So, if you know that only a cleaning lady for half a working day is paid a little less than you for a full day with overwork and other labor happiness, then there is no doubt that you are underpaid (provided that you occupy a position higher than the cleaning manager ).

5. You know that the company has a bonus system and some of your colleagues in the shop are regularly presented with additional payments by the management. You yourself have never even received a penny more than specified in the employment contract. In this situation, it is a reason to think not only about the size of wages but also about the need for further cooperation with this company.

6. Management periodically reminds you that you are an irreplaceable employee. Under the guise of increasing your self-esteem from the realization of such a wonderful fact, the range of your tasks expands, but your salary does not increase. High self-esteem is sometimes good, but this alone will not feed you. More responsibilities – a higher salary. If without the latter, then you are brazenly used. How to live with it is up to you.

In fact, the listed signs, of course, are an indicator that you are getting less than someone else, but they do not mean that you yourself really deserve more payment. Contrary to popular belief, good people are well paid. Maybe you yourself are not a very good specialist?