HR brand

Why does a company need a strong HR brand?

Most job seekers want to work for reputable, well-known companies, not ones they’ve never heard of. All other things being equal, the choice of the applicant will be guaranteed to be made in favor of the market leader, which in fact may not be.

He just competently created and promotes his employer brand in the eyes of potential employees. This is just one of the facts that show the benefits of a strong HR brand. What other benefits a strong HR brand brings, we asked our experts to share.

Vadim GorzhankinGeneral Director of the branding agency “Krasnoe Slovo” (part of the Communication group “Krasnoe Slovo”)

A solid recognizable brand can provide a good influx of the most loyal employees, giving the employer a choice. The choice, in turn, allows attracting the best, from his point of view, applicants to the state for the average salary on the market.

And since a different brand often needs hundreds, if not thousands of employees, it turns out that a strong HR brand saves significant funds on personnel search, payroll, and reduces staff turnover.

The list of strengths of a strong HR brand does not end there. For example, a very significant advantage of a strong HR brand is the perception of the latter by potential and actual employees as a place of work with stable wages, which increases it in their eyes, especially during the economic crisis.

If we talk about high-tech companies, as a rule, the IT industry, then here a strong HR brand is of particular importance, allowing you to use for minimal funds – or even for nothing, when it comes to trainees – the work of promising young career workers for entry-level vacancies , for whom work in a leading company is an opportunity to gain knowledge, communication in an interesting professional environment, a foundation for future career growth, an opportunity to develop a first portfolio.

In the future, HR branding in Russia will inevitably develop. And the reason is not only that over time we become witnesses of the development of the world around us, but also that in the period 2020–2025. Russia will face the largest demographic hole. 

According to some forecasts, the number of the working-age populations in Russia, at the current level of about 87 million people, by 2020–2025 will be will decrease by about 10 million people. This will create a serious threat to the economy as a whole and will force large employers to look for new ways to develop in new conditions. Cutting in half the number of candidates for entry-level jobs will force companies to find completely new methods of personnel management, and in fact, radically improve their HR strategies.

Ekaterina ToravalDirector for Personnel and Organizational Development of the Publishing Group “EKSMO-AST”

Now we are faced with the task of repositioning the company in the labor market, and we are in the process of formulating the basic principles of our HR brand.

This need arose in connection with active M&A processes over the past 2-3 years and the formation of the Eksmo-AST Group of Companies, which now consists of 3 large publishing divisions, each with its own unique culture, management style, and development strategy.

We are all very different, but there are features that certainly unite us. Together with employees of all levels, we are looking for these benchmarks that will allow us to work productively together.

An employer brand is a promise to employees, and a strong brand is a promise fulfilled. A strong HR brand allows you to attract the right people to the company, whose values ​​coincide with the values ​​of the company. For us it is love for the book, motivation for achievement, desire to develop together with the company and partnership. 

This is what allows an employee to enter the company and work successfully for a long time, unleashing his potential. We prepare brand communication for different age categories in accordance with the theory of generations. Now about 40% of the company is “Y”, for whom it is important to fit work into their lives, and not vice versa. 

Working in a publishing house provides an opportunity to change the world, help people make dreams come true, learn and develop through books. We are planning to make our company more open, tell potential employees more about the opportunities we offer. We are also planning active work within the company. A strong employer brand allows you to retain and engage the best employees and has a positive effect on productivity.

Daria Preobrazhenskaya. One of the founders and PR-director of the popular e-commerce conference “Practice Days”, ex-head of the PR department of, Rambler & Co holding

Daria PreobrazhenskayaOne of the founders and PR-director of the popular e-commerce conference “Practice Days”, ex-head of the PR department of, Rambler & Co holding

Let’s first define how people are motivated when choosing a job. There are three main options: a position that meets the needs and qualifications; wage; the prestige of the organization.

The first two points are definitely important, but for many in the last decade, the emphasis has finally shifted towards the brand. When I graduated from Moscow State University, a friend of mine, who was teaching at the school at that time, invited me to talk with his eleventh graders, tell about my activities and recommend something to children. 

When I asked what plans they had for the future, many responded by saying that they were planning to work for Google (Yandex,, Gazprom, Lukoil, TNT, Perviy, etc. If you think about it, their answers are in reflect the current situation on the labor market in many ways.

For a company, a brand is a sales tool. The more famous he is, the higher the sales. A well-known brand gives the company additional value in the eyes of potential employees. Often, choosing between two similar proposals, they are more likely to choose a well-known, “status” company, even if it loses in terms of wages. Naturally, this factor is significant for the company, it allows the employer to get a more valuable staff for less money.

What benefits can a well-known brand provide to potential employees? Working in a well-known company makes it easier to establish the necessary connections (people answer emails more often and faster, get in touch more willingly), you get an excellent line in your resume (investment in the future), a sense of stability and, of course, prestige. 

As for the current employees, within each well-known company there is a whole unit responsible for corporate values, the task of which is to reinforce the idea in the employee’s mind that he is working in a good company. By the way, this is the official corporate slogan of Rambler & Co. You always feel that you are in good company. You are not allowed to forget about it.

Corporate culture is very important. This is one of the most effective ways to retain an employee. The deeper a person is involved in the activities of the company, the more difficult it is for him to decide to change jobs. At the CTC-media holding, we often arranged various kinds of quizzes and interesting quests for our colleagues, thereby supporting the desire of colleagues to come to the office every day.

Summing up, I can say that working in large companies for me personally was an integral part of self-development, which ultimately led me to where I am now.

Nadezhda Petrushenko(HR director ivi)

Employee loyalty within the company is an important aspect of any business. It has long been a proven fact: the higher the employee’s loyalty, the higher their reliability.

As for ivi, brand development within the company is one of the important tasks of the HR department. We devote large resources to the development of internal corporate culture – both temporary and material. 

One of the intangible components is involved in organizing the work of not only your department. As part of our corporate portal, there is a section dedicated to innovations and ideas, where each employee can write their ideas regarding the external or internal organization of work. 

The most important thing is to put such a system on track, to properly motivate. For example, we have a special incentive for the best idea taken into the work. There is also a vote for the best team – employees give marks based on personal interaction, efficiency and other factors. Based on the voting results, the winning team gets a good prize.

Among other things, our employees work in the same information field, which significantly improves the atmosphere in the team. Daily news publications, interesting articles – everything is followed, and some of the information can also be found on the portal. Markets like ours determine the need to be constantly in the center of events, not to miss single news. 

It is not just a good salary or an employee’s character that takes initiative. This is the result of many factors: the atmosphere in the team, the sense of self-importance, the value of the brand for everyone in the team.

As for the hiring process, the HR brand is really important here, in the formation of which current and former employees and partners take part. All other things being equal, a potential applicant would rather choose a company with a name than a little-known organization.

The visibility and accessibility of the product that they develop is also important for employees. In the lobby, we have installed plasma screens running on the Smart TV platform. If necessary, each employee can view the content that interests him.

From all that has been said, we can conclude that the development of an internal brand is very important for the development of a company’s external image.