Influencers are a new stimulus in decision making!

We live in amazing times. Besides traditional architecture, houses, offices, and apartments, information surrounds us today. Social networks, email, all kinds of loyalty programs and even your trips on the subway, trolleybus or private car – all this creates, stores and disseminates information. We are striding at full speed through the latitudes of the information society, with its pluses and minuses. 

Of the advantages – cheapness, speed of access and ease of possession. I immediately remember Amazon with their declared hour for the delivery of anything from their multimillion-dollar catalog. Minus – we have lost the right to personal space. It has dropped dramatically. 

Influencers are a new stimulus

Even if it seems to you that everything in your life is still, without social networks, open publicity on the Internet, this does not mean at all that “Big Brother” does not notice you. Quite the opposite is true. The less you are in the public space, the easier it is to find you. And we are not talking about any repressive goals. In a free market, information is a means of earning money. After all, as you know, who owns information, he owns the world. 

In our reality, access to information is an opportunity to earn money with minimal costs. Despite the fact that it is very easy to leave a “digital footprint” in the modern world. You paid for a purchase with a bank card, connected to a public Wi-Fi network, made a phone call, or entered a bus equipped with a video surveillance system, and now you are part of a large array of data. Data that will definitely be used. Data that grows and requires careful storage. As CEO of Rusonyx, the leading national hosting provider, I can only authoritatively confirm this.

Quite often I come across the opinion that television is dying, advertising does not work, and the Internet rules the world. This statement is only partially true. Indeed, more and more people are beginning to use the capabilities of the worldwide network in exactly the same way as it was earlier with radio, and later with telephone communications. At the same time, I would like to note that the main engine of scientific and technological progress remains – man, with all his weaknesses and needs. 

People live and die. And in this gap, they need millions, billions of things, goods and services. Despite changes in the landscape, tools for achieving goals and their forms, basic needs require their daily satisfaction. Against this background, the famous “Maslow’s Pyramid” can stand calmly. Another thing is that the choice of the way to satisfy needs remains with a specific person. He can follow the path to your store, or it can turn onto the adjacent lawn. And here the widest field for narration opens up. 

How long have you made expensive purchases? An apartment, a car, an airplane … Something that takes up a significant part of your resources and which cannot be overlooked. So, in 99% of such purchases, people tend to analyze not only their needs but also take into account the opinions of others. 

First, the inner circle, friends and relatives, then the opinions of people with similar needs and past experiences. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular queries in Google and Yandex is still reviews about something. And here we are smoothly approaching the topic originally stated in the title of this article. Influencers, opinion leaders, LOMs, as they are sometimes called. Those whose opinion inspires confidence, and whose recommendations are often followed by millions of people. 

Healthy lifestyle, business, beauty and entertainment industry, today there is practically no sphere of life where unofficial authorities with their flock would not be present. In general, it is surprising how much our genetically strengthened past dominates our present. And it works regardless of gender, age, or nationality. We often live in the grip of authorities and strive to follow or imitate them. Tribal way of life, with leaders, priests and oracles, not otherwise.

In order to make the story more practical, let’s look at a number of examples from completely different industries. Take cinematography. Do you know about the existence of Evgeny Bazhenov? He is also a popular YouTube blogger with the nickname Badcomedian. 

So his videos devoted to the latest in domestic cinema are often watched by many times more people than the films themselves in cinemas. People form an opinion about cinema based on its assessments and analysis. As the saying goes: “I have not read, but I condemn.” Or an example from the world of cars. Konstantin Zarutsky, he is the blogger Academeg, has gathered several million motorists under his banner. 

Thousands of people across the country not only listen and trust his opinion, but also actively demonstrate their commitment to his views by placing his own logo and other paraphernalia on their cars. For, so that you don’t get the impression that influencers are equal to bloggers, I’ll give you an example from abroad. 

At the end of 2018, one of the Kardashian sisters entered the list of promising young millionaires of the world under 30, earning more than $ 140 million in a year. The source of her income is social activities and advertising contracts at the junction of business and influence on the masses through various communication channels. 

The information environment today is oxygen, influencers are an oxygen mask, and we are all patients in a crazy new digital world. 

Konstantin Anisimov

CEO Rusonyx