Innovative corporate culture

Innovative corporate culture as a tool for development

In the twentieth century. the life cycle of the company’s business model was about 75 years. Now all processes are accelerating and the term has been reduced to an average of 7 years.

This led to the fact that instead of 30-34 years, we only have about 2 years to revise the business model, to carry out a restart. This is done in order to meet the needs of the market, customers and remain viable.

Based on this premise, it becomes important to form a corporate culture and environment in the company that would inspire employees to reveal their creative potential and put forward ideas. Ideas for the launch of new products and services, for improving the company’s business processes, for providing services, for introducing organizational changes aimed at improving and developing the organization.

The task of creating and maintaining such an environment is faced by both the HR department of the company and the entire management team of the organization. This culture is usually called innovation in the company. The introduction of an innovative culture also leads to an increase in the involvement of personnel in general activities, personal responsibility for the result.

To create such a culture, a number of principles must be followed:

1. The management of the company should form a strategic plan and vision, in which direction the company wants to move and communicate to all members of the group; set clear, clear goals for the team;

2. In the company, everyone should understand that “we welcome the exchange of ideas and information”;

3. Experimentation, project development is expected of all employees and duly rewarded;

4. Errors are not punished, they are used to learn lessons and correct;

5. The team must be aware that risks are an integral part of the business;

6. Innovation is not possible with a rigid bureaucracy. Employees who are involved in the development of innovative projects need certain freedom of action, flexibility, funds, and resources to implement the idea.

7. To form innovative thinking in employees, it is necessary to train them in the skills of generating ideas, analyzing information, creating business projects, and protecting them;

8. The company should be an open ecosystem, use not only internal potential but also use external (external consultants, analysts, universities, research centers).

It is important to understand that the formation of such a culture is an innovation in the company, which will require resources: time, energy, and financial. And without a doubt, this will cause resistance from employees with whom it will be necessary to work.

This process needs to be transferred from the category of fear and rejection to the acceptance of employees. This can be done by starting by working through fears, discussing at all levels what worries, what the consequences might be, and how these problems can be solved. It is also important to motivate people to take part in business development, to show their benefits (including financial ones).

In addition, the example and success of others is an excellent motivator, for example, you can start demonstrating a new approach in working with one group of volunteers who will be impressed by this idea and innovations in the company. So to say, set up an experiment, and then put the whole company into practice. And as mentioned above, it is important to give employees the tools, to teach them the necessary skills.

Innovative corporate culture

It is enough to enter the phrase “the best innovative companies in the world ” in the search box of your browser, go to the first site, and you will see that these are companies whose names and brands are on everyone’s lips (Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and many others).

They manage to stay in the top due to their flexibility, adaptability, ability to feel the needs of the market. These companies do not live by one business model for many years, they are always in search of a new, better one.

Therefore, a strategic vision is very important, and perhaps now everything is fine with your company, your goods and services are in demand and bring the necessary profit. But any rise is followed by a fall, and in order to prevent this, it is necessary to stay in the trend, look for new solutions.

And this understanding should be not only among the company’s management but also among all team members. Everyone should be involved in the process, feel their responsibility and interest. For this, it is necessary to move in small steps towards a new corporate culture, because you cannot change the views, values ​​, and attitudes of the team at one moment.