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10 secrets of promoting your personal brand in 2020

Personal brand. Behind your personal brand is not only your company or production but the image – the image that you consciously create for others.

A personal brand provides many opportunities for developing your own business. But you will only be able to use them if you have already managed to get promoted, have a solid client base, and a time-tested reputation. Then you will be recommended even by those who have not yet managed to become a consumer of your services. This is the case with renowned doctors, designers, and any experts in their field. For example, there is no need to explain why clothes from Zaitsev and Yudashkin are so popular.

A personal brand is not only about your company or production. Very often, your image becomes an important component of it – the image that you consciously create for others. Let’s talk about this with Maria Shakhova, head of the PR-agency of Maria Shakhova.

Why is it important to promote your personal brand?

Brand development must be done in order to stand out from the general background of competitors and gain the trust of future customers. Fame matters a lot: People find it easier to strike a deal with a company they’ve heard of the leader of.

A personal brand always adds status to someone who has managed to build it correctly. This is not just a name that everyone knows, but a kind of quality guarantee. The buyer believes that he is buying a good product from you, and people are ready to pay extra for this.

Why are people so eager to promote their own brand? The answer is simple: having a well-known name, you can do any business. You will easily discover new horizons for yourself, change your field of activity, and at the same time, you will always have followers and admirers.

A striking example of such radical changes is Oleg Tinkov. The brewing business, to which he gave his modified name Tinkoff, was far from the first in his career. But the breweries are in the past, and the businessman took up the next project – Tinkoff Credit Systems, which now exists as Tinkoff Bank.

However, it is worth remembering that the brand does not forgive neglect. What you need to know before you start promoting:

  • A brand is constant painstaking work. You cannot disappear from the field of view of your audience for a long time. Your competitors are on the alert and will do everything to immediately take your place.
  • Try to be helpful to people so you can get more attention from them.
  • Do your job as well as you can. The more you are regarded as a professional and expert, the more chances you have to look your best, even against the background of your colleagues.
  • Always remember about your reputation – it is much more difficult to restore it than to build it from scratch.

Is it possible to build a business without promoting your own brand? Quite – it all depends on your chosen strategy, as well as on the stated ideology.

But only a recognizable name will give you the opportunity to influence the opinion of other people: colleagues, competitors and customers, followers on social networks. That is why so many people in the world are promoting their own brand. 

Promotion secrets: top 10 tasks for quick results

The promotion of a personal brand requires an integrated approach. What nuances and details do you need to know in order for the name to start bringing you profit?

1. Define a goal

To understand how and where to go, what tools to use for this, you need to determine what you want to achieve in the end.

What ideas do you want to convey to your consumer? Who is your target audience? What sites do you plan to work on? What result do you want to get in a month, 3 months, six months, a year? By what means are you planning to achieve these results?

When it is already clear to you what tasks you have to solve, write down an action plan. And then proceed to implement it, methodically, and disciplined performing point by point.

2. Work on the image

A personal brand implies that you have your own ideas and values. It is them that your appearance will broadcast. Therefore, be sure to think over the image: for whom should it work? A business audience that prefers business suits? Or are students important to you, for whom a T-shirt and jeans are their usual work clothes?

In this case, Steve Jobs is usually remembered. At the dawn of his career, he went to work in a business suit, as he had to establish contact with businessmen from office centers. When his products began to be used by specialists who did not need a dress code, he changed his suit for the well-known jeans and a turtleneck.

But appearance is only one facet of appearance. The manner of speaking, vocabulary, and speech patterns, the timbre of voice are important components of the image. Remember, good speakers, are always admired and trusted by the public.

You should look organic and natural. Then people will have a desire to listen to your opinion, rely on it. And, accordingly, use the products or services you offer. 

3. Conduct a series of work photo sessions

To promote your brand, you will definitely need a photo in the image that you decided to position. You should not save on them, they will be useful everywhere: for a personal website, presentations and social networks.

It will not be possible to limit yourself to a single photo session – often different media require photos of perfect different formats and content. For some publications, a portrait is quite enough, for others you need a shot where you solve work issues. For interviews and informational articles, vertical photos are usually used; for social networks, a horizontal position of the image is better.

But in order to successfully promote your brand, you need to have a complete set of photos suitable for different articles and publications.

4. Think over your corporate identity

An important element by which you will be distinguished from competitors is the presence of a corporate identity. It usually includes a specific set of design elements to help make your brand recognizable.

What is necessary for your products to be quickly found among similar products? The presence of a logo, corporate font, color. You will also need business cards, personal printing, letterheads made in the appropriate design.

5. Monitor social media regularly

Your Personal Profile is the perfect tool to track how effectively you use it. Are you satisfied with the number of likes, reposts, comments left by subscribers under your posts?

Remember, the recognition factor is important to you. Your own style, a special way of presenting content should definitely distinguish you from the total mass of faceless pages. Compare your profile with those of competitors. Where would you turn if you were your client: to yourself or to them? What attracts you to your own page, what turns you off?

Do not forget that often on different social sites the audience can have diametrically opposite views on the same issues. Therefore, you need to adapt posts to the needs of your followers. But at the same time, your main ideas, thoughts, values ​​should remain unchanged, easily readable and understandable for everyone.

Make sure that your subscribers can easily find means of communication with you: phones, instant messengers, mail.

6. Make a clear content plan for your accounts

Planning well is an important part of maintaining your social media image. And the issue of filling the content should be worked out for several weeks in advance. So you can think in advance when and how to announce a new product, how to do it. Think about what events from your life you want to cover within your own profile. Be sure to consider the time and day of the week when the post will come out.

Your content should catch the eye, make you want to immediately repost it to your page, like it and leave a comment.

7. Get feedback from your audience

Often our ideas about ourselves do not correspond to the image that people around us see. To find out how your subscribers represent you, conduct a survey among your target audience. Ask them how they could describe you, what basic qualities, in their opinion, are inherent in you. What can they say based on the content you post? 

This can be done in the form of a vote: for example, in which photo do you inspire more confidence? Ask for comments on why people think this way.

Don’t be surprised if people’s answers don’t match your position. For example, your habit of avoiding business suits may seem like a sign of being frivolous about your work. Or the general style of posts seems too dry, too restrained to subscribers.

This survey will help you work out the weaknesses of your social media image. By correcting all the shortcomings, you will become closer and more understandable to your audience, which will help promote your personal brand.

8. Work for the public

Offline promotion is another important tool for making your name recognizable.

Use all the opportunities available to you: make presentations, speak at seminars, go to conferences. You may feel that you lack public speaking skills. But the ability to work even with large audiences always comes with experience.

The ability to position oneself correctly with the help of public speaking was most effectively demonstrated by the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Even at open press conferences, thanks to his eloquence, he skillfully smoothed out major failures in domestic and foreign policy. Therefore, in the memory of millions of Americans, he still remains an ideal to follow.

Speaking skills, positioning yourself as an expert will help you to make your own name more recognizable.

9. Grow in your field

It is necessary to constantly develop not only in your field of activity – it is important to know what is happening in related areas of business. So you will not only be aware of all the changes that are taking place, but you will also understand what trends will become relevant in the market in the near future.

Your name will gain additional weight when other recognized professionals and experts listen to your opinion. Therefore, never skimp on training.

10. Enter the circle of experts

Your professional growth is possible only on the condition that your environment will actively contribute to it. Find the leading experts in your field and try to connect with them. Sometimes, even observing strong competitors will help you gain the experience you need. By constantly developing yourself, you will gain a reputation for caring about your own brand and the needs of your customers.