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Top 15 Essential In-Demand Skills You Need For a High Salary in 2020

LinkedIn Learning has released an annual review of The in-demand skills companies need most. This review includes the most necessary and demanded skills that helped candidates find a well-paid job in 2019.

After analyzing more than 20 million vacancies and more than 660 million profiles, it was possible to understand what kind of soft and hard skills employers want to see in candidates, and for which they are willing to pay the highest remuneration.  

The 5 most sought after soft in-demand skills that employers need the most

Soft skills or flexible skills are intangible but vital interpersonal skills that help you interact daily with colleagues, managers, partners, and clients. They are more difficult to isolate and develop than technical, but sometimes they are crucial for a successful business.

5. Emotional intelligence

This skill is a newcomer to the review, got into the top 5 for the first time. Emotional intelligence implies the ability to perceive, evaluate and respond to both your emotions and the emotions of other people. This skill is critical to leadership positions. Candidates for managers should have empathy, be able to empathize with employees, understand their emotional state and show their human qualities in relation to them.

4. Adaptability

The ability to adapt quickly is a very valuable quality for companies in an ever-changing business landscape. The ability to positively perceive change and maintain professionalism in stressful situations is much appreciated.

3. Collaboration

The ability to collaborate allows a person to achieve better results when he is part of a highly effective team. This skill retained its third position in the review, as in 2019.  

2. Conviction

The ability to convince is an especially important skill for representatives of such disciplines as marketing, sales, project management and leadership. The ability to communicate effectively and be convincing when selling a concept or product is important for all types of companies: startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations.  

1. Creativity

In 2020, creativity is still the most sought after flexible skill. People who know how to think creatively in their subject area are able to find non-trivial solutions and create new opportunities. They are able to act differently in critical situations, offering innovative solutions to complex problems. Creativity is the number one ingredient for breaking down traditional businesses and creating new business models.

The 10 most sought after hard in-demand skills that employers need the most

Determining and assessing technical skills is much easier than flexible. They are not so foggy and much easier to measure. They are easy to acquire through training in courses and practice and then confirmed with certificates.

If you want to keep relevance in the labor market, then go through the training and add one of the following technical skills to the resume. This will definitely help you stand out from other job seekers.

10. Video production

According to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of the global Internet traffic will be attributable to video, so this skill is in high demand among companies.

9. Scientific calculations

A necessary technical skill for developing machine learning models, as well as for applying statistical and analytical approaches for working with big data, using a programming language such as Python, MATLAB computer mathematics system and other programs.  

8. Sales

Like last year, this skill entered the top 10 technical skills and kept the 8th place behind without changes. Possession of sales techniques and skills helps employees manage teams, work with cross-functional partners, and also sell at the highest levels of business.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, or as it is also called affiliate marketing, is a newcomer to technical skill ratings. Due to the decrease in the effectiveness of traditional advertising channels and advertising on social networks, the role of various affiliate programs that can generate sales is growing, so the demand for this skill is growing rapidly and is becoming a mandatory requirement for marketing specialists.

6. Business Analysis

This skill made the most significant leap since last year and climbed 10 points in the ranking of technical skills. With business intelligence, teams can identify errors, check the requirements of all interested parties and, ultimately, prevent project failures and failures.

5. UX design

This skill takes 5th place (as in the past year). UX design specialists help organizations gain expert knowledge in order to create more human-oriented products and achieve a more pleasant and convenient interaction with the user.   

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI is one of the hottest segments of IT. Nevertheless, this skill has lost its relevance by two points compared to last year. AI is divided into various segments: machine learning and natural language processing. Companies use AI in order to optimize and simplify various processes, increase business efficiency.

3. Analytical reasoning

Analytical reasoning is used to extract meaning from all the data that a business has. Analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools are used to create dashboards and better understand what to do with the data.

2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing was the number one technical skill in 2019. This year they lost one position and went down to the second place. Nevertheless, employers still highly value specialists who have this skill in their arsenal. Cloud computing supports technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Google Apps, and iCloud. By the way, obtaining Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification guarantees the owner to get a good job, because it is the highest paid IT certification in 2019 according to LinkedIn.

1. Blockchain

A newcomer to the ranking, who immediately became its leader. Although blockchain technology appeared ten years ago as a means of storing and moving cryptocurrencies, it can be applied to all forms of data. Blockchain offers an innovative way to store, verify, authorize and securely move data on the Internet.

Awareness of companies regarding the use of blockchain technology is growing, as is the demand for talent in this area. The interest in blockchain specialists is due to the fact that the business wants to understand and better understand in which areas technology can be applied, but, unfortunately, there are few people with these in-demand skills.