What people really get from Glamorous MBA business education in 2020

How to change attitudes towards education? Why are people waiting for a miracle? And what should be learned from MBA education?

You are not looking there, which means you will not see the obvious – no one is hiding anything. Drop your experience noose and don’t tighten it even tighter.

A brief excursion into the theory of interval pauses

What have I learned from my business education? This is not money, career and overwhelming success – this is self-awareness of myself as a thinking person – for the first time I thought about the theory of interval pauses and decided to introduce a new concept of their profitability. Further, I plan to introduce a new concept in management – chimeras of managerial effectiveness.

What is the theory about? It requires the deepest understanding for its intelligible formulation. The bottom line – in the frenzied rhythm of today, it has become vitally necessary to consciously stop, take a break and look thoughtfully at ourselves from the outside. A pause is an interval, because it has its own length, according to my observations, you should start with a daily interval of 15 minutes, and then choose individually for yourself.

It should be noted that complex thoughts are not born in a short time – it takes time, I previously thought that 30 minutes is enough, but according to the professor of the MIRBIS Institute A. Sergeyev – it needs to be allocated at least 2-3 hours 2 times week – this issue requires a separate study, but the statement “complex thoughts are not born in a short time”, in my opinion, is indisputable.

“And experience, the son of difficult mistakes …”

Why do people expect a miracle from the knowledge gained? During the training, he formulated the main thing – I consider it necessary to concentrate, no matter how paradoxical this may sound – on obvious things and problems. Surprisingly, it would seem that the vast majority of thinking people possess terminology, have sufficient knowledge, but use it randomly, spontaneously and not always!

In the stream of information that today permeates us like a chill wind in inclement weather, it is especially important to isolate those grains of actual knowledge, to peel off and not to miss important. How much we lose by filtering information through the prism of the perception of our experience – that which does not fit the paradigm of our consciousness – is categorically thrown aside without a shadow of doubt, without hesitation and reflections like: “Maybe garbage in my head?”.

 To make simple, short-term, repeating actions of the same type, this, of course, is necessary – you should not begin to meditate and contemplate the mirror surface of the water in order to decide on a side dish for lunch.

There will be no miracle, awareness will come of some even everydayness of the presented knowledge …

The importance of random words

Once upon a time I made a completely unexpected conclusion for myself – never try to convince a person in his life position, this is a waste of mental energy. Of course, sometimes it’s interesting to practice polemic, discussing the problem and incorrectness of the judgment, but only when all the interlocutors understand that this is an exercise for the mind, and not a hot verbal battle until the opponent’s “death”.

It is quite difficult to deal with such a judgment – it is always tempting to poke a finger on obvious flaws, in your opinion. But this is only your opinion, your opinion, your judgment and your life, so do not try to shove it all like a blanket in your underwear while sleeping with dreams of a good life. In general, giving advice in itself does not promise anything good — how many times you have had to deal with some truly childish resentment — I acted as you advised me and see what a result!

Having heard such statements a couple of times, I was somewhat discouraged – what do I have to do with it? I just expressed my opinion – everyone has his own head on his shoulders, I had to think! But later I thought generally about the importance of words, or rather not just words, but randomly dropped words; words that stick into the consciousness of those who heard – be careful with the words and generally think – how much bright, biting, unexpected words mean in our life, sometimes it doesn’t even matter who says them – even if you heard a conversation in an elevator or at a bus stop – catches the same!

And the most amazing thing – a word that has accidentally been heard as a splinter and launches a program in your mind – turns in your head, creates a new chain of thoughts and brings you to a new quality, you begin to act and change your life. 

Of course there is an explanation for this and what you hear just works like a trigger, in fact, the thought has ripened in your head for a long time, but even more so – you should be more attentive to the words that hooked you – do not lose sight of them, maybe this will change your life. Think about it – today you don’t have to rummage through a pile of rubbish and sort through the options – try to catch luck by the tail, the most important thing today is to understand the difference between a promising opportunity and a frank adventure.

However, I judge by myself – perhaps you do not pay attention to what is happening around, but it would be worth it – this may open new horizons for you.

About education in principle

I’m trying to change my attitude towards education. To call for self-education and to explain what is being sought from us at universities, to discard this smelling mothballs thesis: “Forget everything that you were taught at the institute.” At least in my field of construction, I strongly disagree with this – the graduate is required to know the technology of construction processes. Of course, sopromat and termeh have little to do with construction, but nevertheless it is not worth pretending to be rags in questions of theory – there should be a base.

I recall the crazy story of a sopromat teacher from my institute – in the classroom he told how he applied the acquired knowledge as a construction superintendent. Once he had a need to unload the machine without using a crane, and after making small calculations, he assembled the chain hoist system from the winches available in the warehouse, while he was confused by the thickness of the cable and the number of chain hoists, etc. Brad, of course …

Unfortunately, even study colleagues do not always understand the importance of self-education, but they clearly realize the lack of available knowledge and, at least, try to fill in the gaps despite being very busy.

The importance of paragraphs, lines, and sentences …

Training allows you to focus – you should talk about the importance of paragraphs, lines, and sentences in the literature. To date, having read many more than 100 books of an applied nature, I can confidently say that the vast majority of available publications are “pulled” onto the book. The essence of the whole book can be expressed by an extensive article on some Internet resource, and not lead to the main idea of ​​the book indefinitely.

This is especially true for psychological literature. So – sifting all this, in fact, rubbish, you often lose the main thing – the essence of what is written, you start yawning lazily turning pages, trying to find something meaningful. To my horror, there are such instances, the whole essence of which is squeezed into one page, or even in a paragraph or paragraphs, scattered throughout the book – this is exactly what is important, for this you need a teacher – after listening to a lecture, and after reading a book, you understand the essence what the author brought to people, you pay attention to the lines that otherwise would have simply run diagonally.

It should be noted here that I am making a timid attempt to reach the students’ consciousness if they read these lines, and clearly inform the average student that he should study independently. A thing is basically impossible, which is why I call it a “timid attempt”. People who are thinking – this will allow them to prioritize and direct part of their efforts towards self-education. By and large, creating a relatively successful career based on existing knowledge is not so difficult, you just have to make a little more effort than everyone else.

Personally, I adhere to a rather simple rule, which causes some truly immeasurable surprise among others. I read every day and my minimum threshold is only 30 pages. But this rule, of course, must be reinforced concrete, must fit into the flesh and blood – 30 pages, regardless of fatigue, desire, and state of mind.

It should be noted that in fact on average I read from 70 to 100 pages per day, but one thing is the same – the number of pages reads is always at least 30 pages. It’s easy – 30 minutes a day, it’s only 2% of the daily time, but the effect is simply impressive – 30 pages a day is at least 2 books a month, and already 25-30 a year. Imagine what knowledge base you will have in 10 years? And it cost you nothing – just 20-30 minutes a day.

So, it was business education that allowed us to read exactly what we need and not to spit on what we read, complaining about the next nonsense that came into our hands. Each book recommended during training is not in the eyebrow, but in the eye – with a clear understanding of how to apply it and what can be learned from this.

From higher education to business education

Business education is an invaluable education, but only for those who set themselves the right goal. I did not understand this when I applied for an EMBA degree. The goal was one – to increase its value in the labor market and, as a result, its income. 

Looking at my colleagues “fortunately” I clearly saw these ephemeral and ghostly desires – to get a master’s degree in business administration, to acquire useful contacts during your studies and to rush up the career ladder, while all the questions asked to teachers constantly revolved around these desires – give us a list steps according to the principle: “Do – once”, “Do – two”, “Do – three” and voila – you glanced down at the city bustle from the panoramic window of your office on the 87th floor of a skyscraper … That’s a fairy tale.

It doesn’t happen, moreover, the naivety of such experienced people most of all surprises me – people from the age of 38 to 49 studied with me, but it should be noted that in the course of reasoning and trying to find a magic pill, it dawned on everyone that they were not looking there , and their expectations will not come true – absolutely everything depends only on ourselves and Baron Munchausen, who personally pulls himself out of the swamp by the wig, is not a fairy tale and a sick imagination, but quite a reality …

The results. What did I get?

  • There is nothing new in management, in itself it exists from the moment people unite in a conscious community – do not reinvent the wheel, pick up what is lying under your feet and stop intuitively searching for the right path, stop blindly fumbling with your hands in front of you – your path is in front of you You are just not looking there. Use your knowledge consciously, put them in your head on the shelves.
  • All pretend, look in depth. Tinsel, illusion, chimera, hindrance – how many words characterize current managers, it makes it difficult to see really capable people, and that the worst thing makes thousands shy – do not be afraid …. People who are much higher or simply higher than you in the career ladder, even celestials, are just people, they are little different from you and people who think clearly see their chance in this.
  • Think. Just think. Stop. This ugly, simple advice will change your life. I want to disclose this issue in more detail in my theory of interval pauses; I will also tell you about ways to increase their profitability.
  • If you want to make a breakthrough, bring something new to your life. Improving the existing one, you simply optimize the existing state of things, for a new round you need a shift in the paradigm of thinking or just something new, and not an improved current state.
  • And what did I get? All that I wanted, but only when I realized that career, success and high earnings were just the result of all the purposeful activities of a thinking person.