Where to find bloggers

Where to find bloggers? What methods should you use?

More and more PR specialists, marketers, and SMMs are using the services of bloggers. It’s not so difficult to find a couple of bloggers, but what if you need 20-30-50 of them? Where to look for bloggers with real statistics? What methods should you use?

Elena Lapko Director of NOOSA-Amsterdam Russia

I recommend using not so many bloggers as opinion leaders and experts in the right fields. Let there be fewer subscribers, but the quality of the audience and content is higher. Experts will be helped to find databases with speakers’ contacts, as well as a search engine where you can find the required persons using the search results. You can start a manual search for bloggers by analyzing hashtags with reference to geolocation, and then carefully review the found profiles.

Previously, the LiveDune project helped in the work, but the algorithm did not take into account the sharp artificial cheating of subscribers and continued to put bloggers with an unreliable number of followers on the first lines of the ratings. I had to spend extra time analyzing the growth of subscribers in dynamics over several months using iconosquare.com (there is a free trial week). A quality free service is ink361.com, alternatives to it are picaton.com and smartmetrics.co.

As for agencies, I would like to share my positive experience of cooperation with the Hello blogger media platform. According to our request, both opinion leaders and popular bloggers were proposed, all a priori without winding subscribers who received a product for a test, a fee, wrote reviews about the product, and worked with the audience.

At the moment, advertising agencies have entered the digital market, which makes a cheat on advertising from bloggers – you can take “wholesale” advertising posts from them, but the cost will be higher than if you take them directly. To help PR specialists, there are a lot of sites, for example, livedune.ru, which allows you to make a selection of bloggers and upload information on them to a separate table. If we are talking about advertising on Instagram, just put a tick in the box phone number and e-mail. And then send the newsletter to the received addresses.

Where to find bloggers

Natalia Yarkova Head of the “Finance and Real Estate” practice of PR-agency PR Partner

The tools for finding bloggers are primarily platform dependent. You can search on YouTube by the content or in the “trends” section, on LiveJournal – in the rating of top authors, on Instagram – by the corresponding hashtags.

When choosing a blogger for collaboration, it is important to analyze your account in detail. You should not rely solely on the number of his subscribers – many use programs for cheating, and posts by such “opinion leaders” will not bring the expected results.

It is important to review the content itself, to determine which posts are popular. This will help you gauge your audience. If videos about budgetary ways of getting around the city get the most likes and views, then posting a post on such a channel will hardly attract a wealthy, mature audience.

Another criterion is the analysis of subscribers’ activity. If a blogger has a million followers, but there are no more than two or three thousand likes under posts, you should think about how loyal his audience is, and how many real subscribers the “opinion leader” has. User engagement is the best measurement criterion. If they actively comment, repost, it means that the blogger has gathered around him alive, loyal community that is interested in his opinion. Such a post will bring maximum effect. However, the person may not be a top author. With a blogger with 20,000 – 100,000 subscribers, you can agree on cooperation on barter – a profitable and interesting work option for both parties.

Sergey Stavrograd Head of the system of self-promotion of independent music projects on the Internet “Muzdvizhenie”

Choosing the right place for your advertisement is an important and serious task. Depending on the portrait of the target audience and the location tasks of the project, blogs can be analyzed manually. Unfortunately, now everything is being bought and sold that will decorate the blog statistics with live members, reposts, likes, and comments. Alive, but not interested, not the target audience. There is a service pro.livedune.ru, which will help in analytics and choosing not a “bloated” blog.   Analyzes 5 social networks, but his work does not guarantee the identification of the target audience. 

In my opinion, blogging advertising is a waste of money.   Targeted advertising, search engine optimization – these methods of getting the target audiences are more reliable if the goal is not to popularize the brand (depending on the goals of the advertising campaign). Therefore, the value of a lead generation specialist who can customize these tools of an advertising company is great. It is for this reason that I myself am learning this wisdom. The question of checking a hired specialist requires skills and knowledge of the topic on which you are going to delegate.

Mikhail Dokukin Director of PR-agency “Business Event” (Novosibirsk)

Nowadays, in many regions, there are still embassies of the Live Journal, in which the best of the best representatives of the region’s blogosphere are consolidated. It is hardly possible to gather 50 bloggers at one time in one place if it is not St. Petersburg or Moscow. Practice shows that 10-12 active bloggers can be attracted to a blog event in Novosibirsk.

The cheat can look very convincing, but there is almost always something that gives it away. For example, such a blogger (with page wrapping and purchased likes) may have a large number of fake accounts and banned pages in subscribers. We will see a very bad ratio of the number of subscriptions and the number of reactions under the posts.

It may be the other way around when the growth of likes/subscriptions was too sharp in a too short period of time. You need to pay attention to things like this when checking out bloggers that you find interesting.

Roman Taramakin SMM Director of Boompublic

But the best way to check is, of course, reputation. If a blogger is heard, if they talk about him, then he will be a good choice, because this means that even if at first he increased his indicators, then people joined him and he became a full-fledged agent of influence.

There are some good resources to make your profile analysis process easier, such as Agorapulse, Fanpagekarma, Socialbakers, Simplymeasured, Minter, and Followercheck (the latter two are for Instagram). And, of course, it will be possible to thoroughly analyze the blogger’s profile, account or community page directly on our Boompublic platform, for this we have developed a powerful statistics module.

But in general, the approach for different tasks will be different. It is better to look for a suitable blogger not in any one way, but to use various search options (in addition, if you “rotate” in the field, then you probably already have several bloggers who cover it, in mind), and then carefully check there are no traces of wrapping, according to the principle described above.

Tatiana Tyutyunnik, head of the press service of the UK “Fund Yug” 

Social media has evolved into a powerful business promotion tool. The services of opinion leaders and top bloggers are used by both individuals and large brands. In order for the experience of interacting with bloggers to be successful, several rules must be followed.

To begin with, form your TK (technical task) – what, with whom and with what budget you want to promote. Next, pay attention to bloggers who have your target audience concentrated.

When the selection of candidates is made, pay attention to their content, correlate the number of subscribers/likes and comments to posts. From my own experience, I will say that a large number of subscribers, for example, 50 thousand people. and a small number of likes (10-20), and even more so the lack of comments suggests that the subscribers are artificially wound.

Now to the question of where to find bloggers: use special ratings (for example, tuberank.ru and Livedune.ru), recommendations from marketing and advertising gurus, who often publish ratings on their blogs, can also come to the rescue. Make inquiries through search engines, they often update information about fashionable bloggers in the capital and Russian cities. There are also exchanges where bloggers post information about their pages and the cost of publishing, in this case, do not forget to rate the content and track the activity on the page.

I recommend spellfeed.com, a native ad exchange, for example, Livedune is configured to search for bloggers based on your parameters.

And one more recommendation, with a small budget, I do not recommend posting information and spending all the money on one advertising post with a top blogger, it is better to make posts from several of his colleagues (even if they are of a lower rank, but at the same time actively interacting with the audience and attracting new users ) that successfully integrate your product advertisement into their content.