Work Remotely

6 Exciting Life Hacks For Those Who Work Remotely

Work Remotely. For many months now, most of our employees have been working remotely.

We are confident that this forced measure will not reduce the efficiency of our work, and we will not only learn to work in new conditions, but also acquire new skills that will allow us to be more effective in the future when the situation stabilizes.

Life hacks if you Work Remotely

Remote work is a special type of activity that requires certain skills and conditions. To work remotely to be effective, you need to follow some simple rules.

Manage tasks

The time spent at the computer for an employee using remote access is not a criterion of efficiency. You need to make a list of tasks for yourself for each working day. It is the tasks performed, not the hours, that will be the measure of labor productivity.

Manage your schedule

Working from home involves many distractions, so it’s important to develop new work habits for yourself. You can start by timing out short breaks (which is great for your eyes), and keeping a record of distractions and your time spent. With this approach, with a little effort to optimize the schedule, it will be easier to find a comfortable rhythm and get into it.

Use more media than usual

Each employee, being in a remote environment, must be tuned in to communicate, and not only in a tete-a-tete format with familiar contact persons but also with his team. I recommend that department employees plan their communication flows carefully so that all team members have the same understanding of what is happening. However, traditionally used communication tools, such as Outlook, may not be enough. Inevitably, there will be a need, firstly, to use the tools of “quick response” and “synchronization” of the team – group chats in instant messengers, and secondly, to organize meetings using video communication in Skype or Teams.

When working remotely, video communication is of particular importance, since in any communication it is important to read the non-verbal signs of the interlocutors. Also, video communication better than other means of communication makes up for the lack of communication, the feeling of a team and a friendly shoulder.

Observe the regime

For workaholics, one of the pitfalls of teleworking is the temptation to sit out longer or work on weekends. If you live in this rhythm on a regular basis, very soon you can feel chronic fatigue and apathy. To avoid this, you need to come up with simple rules, for example, do not work after 19:00, do not turn on the computer on weekends.

Watch your diet

Unfortunately, working close to the refrigerator is a dangerous temptation for a figure and a healthy lifestyle. It is better to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time. If you still need a snack with regular meals, it should be light (and no sweets). Try to drink plenty of water.

Don’t forget about sports

When working from home, you need to force yourself to move, do a warm-up after every hour of sedentary work. The ideal solution is to set aside half an hour to an hour a day to exercise with your family.